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So Why Does A Website Cost What It Does?

Most professionals who work in a service-based business have grown accustomed to this line of questioning: How Much and Why?...

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New Client Website Launch: Virginia Al-Anon

Another successful week for Team 3 Waves! We are excited to announce the launch of Virginia Al-Anon's new website! They needed...

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We're Hiring! Summer 2016 Design Intern

Instead of working on your tan, you can spend the summer working on your portfolio! The Gist 3 Waves is looking for our next design intern. Come...

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What Kind Of Stressed Are You? Take Our GIF Stress Test

April is Stress Awareness Month, and we're here to remind you that while some stress can be a good thing, too much stress can take a serious toll...

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The Team: Meet Evelyn

We're excited to welcome Evelyn to the team as our newest graphic designer! Evelyn is a graduate of Yale who came on board at the end...

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New Client Website Launch: Pediatric Dental Care

Dang 3 Waves! Back at it again with that web design!We are excited to announce the launch of Pediatric Dental Care's new site! Pediatric Dental...

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Winter Is Coming: Star Wars, Game Of Thrones Drawing

Winter is coming! We were so cold, we coped the only way us creatives know how: by drawing a mashup of Kylo Ren and Ned Stark. Anyways, check...

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We're Hiring! Graphic Designer

3 Waves is looking for a passionate designer to join our team of talented creatives. We've been fortunate enough to employ some of the...

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