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7 Reasons a Digital Marketing Company Is an Entrepreneur’s Best Friend

As an entrepreneur, you’re constantly assessing your potential business decisions and the impact each will have on your efforts to build your brand. As your business becomes more successful, you may be considering adding the services of a digital marketing company to your existing marketing strategy. However, the decision to add another expense can be a difficult one.

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brand strategy

5 Brand Attributes for a Powerful Positioning Statement

When it comes to branding and marketing plan, having a clear direction is the key to successful campaigns. Every marketing strategy should start with a powerful internal positioning statement. This statement, the foundation of your brand identity, is also the most efficient tool to align your teams. Your internal positioning statement should guide the development of your visual identity, your brand messaging, and all of your marketing efforts. 

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What Is Retargeting and How Do You Use it?

Have you ever browsed for some new shoes online, and then the next thing you know, you start seeing ads for those exact same shoes EVERYWHERE? Nope, it's not magic. Those are retargeting ads and you should be using them in your marketing strategy. For most websites, only 2% of their traffic actually takes the desired action before leaving the site. After everything it took to get them there, they just leave. What if we told you that there’s a way to get them back?
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The Retreat at Bennett’s Creek - New Home Community Branding Case Study


 The Project:

WeldenField & Rowe Custom Homes and Neighborhoods came to us with a new community in mind, “The Retreat at Bennett’s Creek”.

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Avengers: Endgame Marketing Campaign Is Marvel's Most Expensive Ever

Go Inside Marvels $200+ million budget for Avengers: End Game.

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Social Media Marketing

Will Social Media Ever Rule The World?

Social media is an everyday platform that people use. But does it have the tools to take over the marketing world?
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Grammar. Don't. Matter.

In honor of “National Grammar Day”, let’s talk about how PERFECT grammar does not matter in the advertising world.  Notice how I said perfect grammar?  In the advertising world, getting the message to the desired audience is the most important aspect. Meaning, perfect grammar does not always equal perfect communication. 
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Types of Marketing Campaigns

While there are many reasons to create a marketing campaign: gain subscribers/members, increase sales per customer, increase overall sales, grow your customer base, seasonal push (Holidays), product launch, etc. there are really only two types of marketing campaigns.
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