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Types of Marketing Campaigns

Types of Marketing Campaigns

While there are many reasons to create a marketing campaign: gain subscribers/members, increase sales per customer, increase overall sales, grow your customer base, seasonal push (Holidays), product launch, etc. there are really only two types of marketing campaigns:

  • Brand Awareness
  • Acquisition Focused

What is a Brand Awareness Campaign?

Brand Awareness campaigns primarily increase awareness, engagement and recognition for a company and brand. Since increasing awareness can't directly be tied to revenue it still heavily impacts business growth. The more people that know about your brand, the more chances they will buy the product or service.

Brand awareness initiatives are hard to tie to sales numbers. Instead, some metrics that are tied to awareness goals are:

  • Website traffic
  • Social media community growth
  • Social shares + engagement

These brand awareness campaigns are designed to win the war for your consumers' hearts and minds. The intent behind any branding or awareness campaigns is to create a deep, meaningful connection with your target market. Brand campaigns love, but not in the roses and chocolates kind of love. You want them to think of your company first when in need of your product or service. Awareness campaigns should invite and increase consumers' desire to be part of your brand. Consumers will start seeking out your brand and will eventually pay more for your product or service. Why? When the demand for your brand increases, consumers will be willing to pay more because the relationship created shifts the power from the consumer to the brand.  

What is an Acquisition-Focused Campaign?

Acquisition-focused, or sales, campaigns have a dollar sign associated with it. While both an acquisition and brand awareness campaign can grow business, an acquisition campaign can directly impact sales in a more measurable way.  Sales campaigns want people to buy or sign up, which overall increases total revenue. The goal of these campaigns is to create a specific and measurable call to action (CTA) for the consumer to seek out and perform. On television or radio your CTA may be to visit a website or call to order. In the digital space, you might invite consumers to ‘buy now' or ‘click for more info' which equates to higher click-through rates and, depending on your sales funnel and what landing page you take consumers to, an increase in sales.

Common metrics for an acquisition campaign are:

  • New account signups
  • New subscribers 
  • Growth of customer base
  • Increase in revenue per customer

Once a campaign type is chosen, and we've delved deep into who your customer base is during our strategy sessions, it is now time to build clear, actionable and measurable goals. Here are a few things to think about when creating campaign goals:

  • What percentage of increase in social engagement do I want to see?
  • What kind of post influences the most engagement?
  • What increase in organic web traffic (direct URL) results should I expect?
  • How am I sending my target audience to the website; is it a strong enough CTA in the design?
  • Is my website analytics set up to capture this? If not, sign up for Google Analytics.
  • What kind of increase in sales (a specific unit number or a total percentage) do I want to see?
  • Am I equipped to handle that increase?
  • What do I offer a new user or subscriber that will turn them into a long-term customer?

Overall, it's important to make sure that your message is consistent across all marketing channels to gain the most of your campaign.

I've decided on a campaign, now what?

We're here for you! Are you interested in a marketing campaign for your business or brand? Contact us to learn more or fill out the project planner and we'll be in touch!