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Grammar. Don't. Matter.

Grammar. Don't. Matter.


Grammar. Don’t. Matter.

In honor of “National Grammar Day”, let’s talk about how PERFECT grammar does not matter in the advertising world.

Notice how I said perfect grammar

In the advertising world, getting the message to the desired audience is the most important aspect. Meaning, perfect grammar does not always equal perfect communication. 

Don’t believe me? 


Some examples of GREAT advertising but Poor Grammar

  • Got Milk?

“Do You Have Milk?” will be the correct way to say this phrase if it went through the grammar filter.

  • Think Different

If it were 100% correct, it would be Think Differently.

  • Make Summer Funner

A campaign created by Target a few years ago; if Target were full of grammar police the correct name would be “Make Summer More Fun”

  • Rethink Possible

It should really be, “Rethink What Is Possible”


Don’t Write To Your English Teacher

The key to creating an advertising message is to write to your audience, not your English Teacher. For example, if you are writing something for lovers of romantic comedies, speak the lingo.  If you are writing to tweens, learn the slang. Using perfect grammar when creating an advertising message can result in miscommunication or negative impressions.


However, Don’t Use This As An Excuse

Misspellings, poorly worded copy lines can hurt your credibility (or your clients).  Even though perfect grammar is not a must to succeed in advertising, it is still important for your copywriter to know the rules, but is also able to break them with care.