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5 Brand Attributes for a Powerful Positioning Statement

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5 Brand Attributes for a Powerful Positioning Statement

When it comes to branding and marketing plan, having a clear direction is the key to successful campaigns. Every marketing strategy should start with a powerful internal positioning statement. This statement, the foundation of your brand identity, is also the most efficient tool to align your teams. Your internal positioning statement should guide the development of your visual identity, your brand messaging, and all of your marketing efforts. 

How do you write a Positioning Statement for Branding?

The positioning statement is composed of your brand attributes, that can be uncovered during a discovery session, or strategy meeting, and used in your marketing plan. Collaborative discussions and brainstorming exercises are the best way to involve all the key members of your companies and to make sure everybody is on the same page.

Here are the five brand attributes you should determine, and how to come up with them: 


1- Customers

Defining who are our ideal customers are is often overly simplified. We think we know who we are targeting after we painted a persona with some demographics, but let’s dive a bit deeper. What’s their life story? What do they stream? What’s their preferred brand? Where do they shop? What are their challenges and pain points? And think about who you champion, who is the customer you would like more of. Now sum all of this up in one adjective!

2- Company Culture

Company culture comes from the top down. Think about it this way: how would you describe yourself and other founders of the company? Then it’s most likely how your community is going to describe your organization, and how your company culture is going to shine through.

Are you creative, fun, and laid-back? Or are you more entrepreneurial, structured, and driven? 

3- Voice

You have to determine your voice, your tone. How does your brand speak? How do you want your brand to sound to others? Your voice also leads your attitude, how and when you address your customers. Do you want to sound mindful and caring, or are you more of a “Wendy’s” style?

4- Feeling

The feeling can be the most challenging of attributes to define since you have to put yourself in your customers’ shoes. How do they feel after interacting with you? Think about their challenges and pain points you defined earlier, and how your product or service is going to help them with that, and how that makes them feel. Are they enlightened, or do they feel empowered or informed? Which brings us to the next attribute:

5- Impact

What tangible impact do you have on your customers once they committed to your service or to buying your products? How do you help them succeed? What does it bring them? What makes them come back? Do they get knowledge, or save time, or get healthier? Are they going to have a bigger network, or make fewer mistakes?


A powerful internal positioning statement

Once each of your brand attributes is defined by one term, you naturally end up with a powerful internal positioning statement to include in your marketing plan and to shape your branding strategy:


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Including your positioning statement within your branding strategy is the best way to have a brand that is coherent with your values and beliefs, and that resonates with your ideal customer. You have a new product or service you want to advertise? Are you about to launch a new marketing campaign? Start by writing your Positioning Statement. And if you need help to define your brand and start on your marketing strategy, contact us now!